Living in Eastport


Named the Festival Capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, Eastport is clearly a destination wherein any season, for any reason – you’ll always find a festival, event or celebration happening. Whether organized by our town council or one of the many organizations, there are year-round events to capture your attention and enhance your visit and way of life.


A Slice of Paradise

A paradise for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, Eastport provides a host of year-round recreation opportunities. Whether on the town’s recreation grounds or one of our many natural attractions, there is an abundance of recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Our recreation grounds are located in an area known locally as “The Neck” and are adjacent to the all-grade Holy Cross School. There you will find access to the Schoolhouse Pond Walking Trail, Peninsula Memorial Park & Playground, an outdoor rink facility and our community garden. This area is also one of several access points for a trail system used for mountain biking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

For those who enjoy water recreation, we have plenty of that too — Eastport boasts two beautiful white sandy beaches, Northside and Eastport Beach, which connect via the High Tide Trail. Aside from the obvious, which is frolicking in the surf, swimming and relaxing on the warm sandy beaches, the waters and shoreline provide ample opportunities for kayaking and canoeing. Is fishing your sport of choice? Well, Northside Beach Brook is a great spot to cast your line to catch a remarkable brook trout. Pleasure boating is also a popular past-time shared by many Eastport residents and visitors. Boat launches are conveniently located in Happy Adventure, Salvage and Burnside and can be a bustle of activity during the months of June, July, August, and September.

The Peninsula is host to a world-class hiking-trail system called “The Damnable Trail.” Whether in the majestic boreal forest, down a valley beside a tranquil pond or atop a hill with stunning views of the bay, there is no part of the Damnable Trail that you will be sorry to have traversed.

The Town of Eastport, often working in conjunction with Holy Cross School, supports many organized programs such as Youth and Adult Zumba, Sprockids Biking Club, Winter Fun Day and Holy Cross Stompers Youth Square Dance group.

Scattered throughout the wooded areas surrounding the town are many ponds and brooks easily accessible via walking, mountain biking, ATV or snowmobile. These ponds are ideal places to fish for trout, and can also be used for canoeing, swimming and, during winter, ice skating.

Our town encourages and supports the initiatives of other organizations operating within our boundaries and surrounding area. We welcome ideas that help promote and support the physical health and spiritual wellness for our residents.

For those who want a formal recreational experience such as curling, figure skating, gymnastics or minor hockey, these activities are readily available at a community approximately a 20-minute drive from Eastport. Also, within a 60-minute drive either east or west, are the larger centres of Clarenville and Gander where there are opportunities for indoor swimming, bowling, golfing, salmon fishing, horseback riding, downhill skiing, karate, tennis courts and more.

Moving In

An Ideal Place to Live, Work, & Play

Home of fresh air, in a sea breeze . . . our stunning coastal views and white sandy beaches are only a small part of what make Eastport a great place to live, work and play. Just a 15-minute drive from the Trans-Canada Highway, Eastport is a community rich in culture, the arts and heritage and is filled with friendly, welcoming people.

The largest of seven communities on the Peninsula, Eastport is a community on the verge of growth. The town has a balanced population comprised of long-time residents, returning expatriate retirees and young folk choosing to raise their families in the peacefulness of their childhood community.

Amenities in Eastport include a gas bar, two grocery stores, a pharmacy, dining, hair salons, an automotive repair shop, a variety of contractors, and more. With services such as a library, a health care clinic, an all-grade school, and a place of worship, along with amazing literary, performing and visual arts opportunities, you’ll never have to go far to find just what you need in Eastport. Our Town Council’s Municipal Plan promotes and encourages residential and commercial growth. Whether you are looking to build or purchase a new home, Eastport has a competitive real estate market.

Eastport is a nature lover’s haven! Whether it’s frolicking in the surf, beachcombing or relaxing on the warm sandy beaches in the summer to traversing the trails by snowshoe, skis or snowmobile in winter, Eastport is a four-season town with something for everyone to enjoy. For anyone looking for a genuinely warm-hearted and fun-loving community, Eastport is the ideal choice.

There is a strong community tradition of active service groups in Eastport, such as the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 41, and the Society of United Fishermen. Throughout the year, the people of Eastport can be counted on to volunteer. Whether it’s flooding the local outdoor rink, organizing a Santa Claus Parade, hosting one of the many festivals, coming together to build a playground, providing fire protection, serving breakfast at the local school or staffing the library, the Town of Eastport is well-versed in volunteering. Our safe, close-knit community provides a healthy environment and is well suited to new and growing families while maintaining a strong senior presence with several seniors living complexes.

Located just three hours from the province’s capital, St. John’s, Eastport is only 60-minutes from either Gander or Clarenville. These commercial hubs provide government offices, hospitals, airports, shopping, entertainment, financial services and more.

A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, a haven for those simply wanting to relax, Eastport is a welcoming community and is the ideal place to live, work and play.