We Have Much to Offer

Discover what Eastport can offer you and your family. Enjoy nature – come explore on land or sea, experience the beauty of nature right from your own backyard. Offering cultural and recreational opportunities, along with access to education, health care, ministerial and other essential services, we are proud of the quality of life our residents enjoy.

As the festival capital of Newfoundland, there is always a celebration in Eastport! A small town with big heart, Eastport is a welcoming outport community. Come check it out and you’ll be sure to see why Eastport is an ideal place to live, work and play!


On The Road to The Beaches

Nestled on the northwest edge of Terra Nova National Park, Eastport, with its un-surmounted scenic beauty, has long been a tourist destination in Newfoundland.

Marine Atlantic Terminal – Port-aux-Basques

Traveling west to east by private vehicle on route 1, route 310 is approximately six-and-a-half hours from the Marine Atlantic terminal in Porta-aux-Basques

From Gander International Airport

Traveling from Gander, take the TCH (Route 1) for approximately 40 minutes. Near the west boundary of Terra Nova National Park, turn left onto Route 310, Road to the Beaches. Eastport is approximately 15 minutes along Route 310.

From St. John’s International Airport

Traveling from the province’s capital, St. John’s, take the TCH (Route 1). Near the west boundary of Terra Nova National Park, turn right onto Route 310, Road to the Beaches. Driving time is approximately three hours by private vehicle.

Eastport Peninsula

Explore Our Peninsula

Looking for that genuine Newfoundland experience? Try the Eastport Peninsula! We’ve got oldworld fishing villages, rugged coastal beauty, cultural heritage, and the charm of outport Newfoundland – the Eastport Peninsula has it all, and then some.

The Eastport Peninsula borders the northwestern edge of Terra Nova National Park, a small extension of land jutting into the inner central part of Bonavista Bay. Although home to seven picturesque communities, centrally located Eastport is the hub of activity.

The first community you will encounter along the Peninsula is Sandringham (population 229). This small town has a rich history of agriculture. Its jewel, however, is the lovely day-use area of Chuff’s Bight, which is an ideal spot for picnicking, hiking, kayaking and more. Amenities in Sandringham include a gas bar/convenience store, accommodation, places of worship and the always evident roadside signs advertising fresh-baked bread.

Continuing along route 310, you will pass by the Harold.W. Duffett Shriners RV Park and Sutreen Hardwoods and Moulding Ltd. Eastport’s flourishing business community becomes evident upon first entering town, where a number of businesses can be found including restaurants, accommodations, a gas bar, a grocery/convenience store, a post office, church, an all-grade school, recreation facilities, a medical clinic, an entertainment venue and more. The most centrally positioned town on the Peninsula, Eastport (population 501) is home to the worldclass Beaches Arts & Heritage Centre, host to many well-known local, national and international artists, writers and musicians. Our sandy beaches, dramatic seascapes, hiking trails and majestic boreal forest, teeming with wildlife, provide exceptional opportunity for photography, beachcombing, hunting, berry picking – you name it. There is never a shortage of something to do in Eastport.

If you turn left at Legion Road and follow the signs you will be heading to St. Chad’s. Founded as Damnable in the 1800s, the myriad of inlets and islands in the surrounding waters make St. Chad’s a boater’s paradise.

A few kilometres down the road is the community of Burnside, home to Squid Tickle and Hollett’s Cove. Each summer the Burnside Archeological Museum delivers insight into the indigenous groups who once inhabited the coastline. For those looking to go “overseas” the Grace Sparkes ferry docks in Burnside and runs between the mainland and St. Brendan’s Island. Both St. Chad’s and Burnside offer a place of worship, as well as hiking trails and scenic beauty.

Saltbox houses, red ochre stages, and St. Stephen’s Church, which was erected in 1859, are just some of the things you’ll see and experience in what may well be the oldest inhabited fishing village in North America. Salvage (population 124), perched on the rugged coastline of Bonavista Bay, is one of the most picturesque communities on the Eastport Peninsula. Commercial and pleasure boat docking, hiking trails, day-use picnic areas and a place of worship are somethings you’ll encounter in Salvage.

Back in Eastport, if you go left at Holy Cross Church you’ll be headed to Sandy Cove (population 122), home of Caplin Gulch and Crooked Tree Park. Beauty is not lost on the town of Sandy Cove and its many natural attractions. The beach, sitting at the basin of Sandy Cove Head, is a bustle of activity throughout summer. Amenities in Sandy Cove include fresh water swimming, a playground, washroom facilities, hiking trails, horseback riding,a gift shop and accommodations.

Rounding out the Peninsula experience is “Newfoundland’s Most Peaceful Community” – Happy Adventure (population 200). Where timeless beauty and charm abound, Happy Adventure boasts boat tours, public boat launches, washrooms, accommodations, fine dining (Chucky’s Wild Game & Seafood Restaurant), a seafood processing plant and a place of worship. And for those with a creative soul, check out an evening of Palette Vino, with artist-in-residence Brenda Matchim.

Seven communities lying only kilometers apart each provides its own unique experience, while collectively they are rich in our cultural heritage and the arts. The Eastport Peninsula is a wonderful place to live, work, play.

Natural Attractions

A Treasure Chest of Nature’s Beauty

Providing the perfect setting for many activities, from frolicking in the surf, beachcombing, sunbathing, launching your kayak or canoe or simply sitting and glorying in the magnificence of the morning sunrise and evening sunset, the beaches of Eastport are absolutely a masterpiece of God’s creation.

Eastport Beach is by far the busiest of them all. In close proximity to many services in town, the beach provides washrooms, showers and cookhouse facilities. New for 2020, a ramp and MobiMats were installed, making the beach accessible for those who have mobility issues. An ever-changing freshwater brook serves as an endless source of amusement for younger children during the sunny days of summer. High Tide Trail (part of the Damnable Trails Network) is accessible from Eastport Beach.

Seal Cove Beach is often overlooked as it is nestled between Eastport and Northside Beaches. Secluded Seal Cove Beach makes a perfect spot to sit and ponder the beauty surrounding you. A wonderful area for spotting whales, seabirds and icebergs. Another stop along the Hide Tide Trail is a lovely unnamed pebbly beach, a haven for beachcombers willing to sift amongst it’s pebbly shores in search of brightly colored sea glass washed ashore by the tides.

Northside Beach is one of Eastport’s hidden gems! Slightly off the road, it’s tranquility is amplified by the rolling waves as they crash along the stretch of sandy shoreline. A unique feature of Northside Beach is the freshwater brook, a great spot to cast a line and hope for that perfect brook trout. With a conveniently placed cook shelter, Northside Beach is a wonderful spot to spend an afternoon basking in the warmth of the summer sun. One final note, it is also an access to the High Tide Trail.

The High Tide Trail is accessible from either Eastport or Northside Beaches. The trail, constructed of man-made and natural surfaces, stretches roughly 2 kms. along the shore, a short yet wonderful excursion.

Another short, yet equally enchanting trail which will pique the interest of nature lovers, is the Schoolhouse Pond Trail. A main access point for the trail is near the Peninsula Memorial Park & Playground. This moderately wet trail provides ample opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat, occasionally catching sight of a breaching trout.

Another natural attraction is the majestic boreal forest which surrounds Eastport. Abundant with wildlife, it provides photography opportunities and hours of berry-picking fun. Whether you wish to explore or simply relax, the beaches, trails and forests surrounding Eastport are a treasure chest of nature’s beauty at its finest . . . and it’s waiting for you to come lift up the lid and discover the treasures within.

Beaches Arts & Heritage Centre

Come let the Spirit WOW You

This state-of-the art cultural and performing arts centre, once a one-room school house, was transformed in 2000 into a community theatre and is the heart of the thriving arts community in Eastport.