Municipal Election 2021

On Tuesday September 28th, the Town of Eastport will hold a general municipal election.

In Eastport, voters will choose the 7 members to be active on council and represent the town. Amongst those 7, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be chosen by majority.

In Person Voting:
For the 2021 Election, the town will hold in person voting on September 28th from 8AM to 8PM at the Town Hall. COVID-19 Protocols will be put in place to ensure everyone is able to vote safely.

Proxy Application:
If you are unable to be present during the voting hours listed above, please contact the town office and they will instruct you on the proxy application process.

Voter’s List:
To ensure you are on the voting list, please contact the town office at 677-2161 or email [email protected]

– BULL, Roger
– BULL, Monica
– CRISBY, Arthur
– HANDCOCK, Amanda
– PATEY, Benjamin
– POWELL, Karen
– POWELL, Kimberly
– POWELL, Shannon
– ROGERS, Janine